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25 kW Industrial Grid‑Tied Solar System with Trina Solar


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The 25 kW Fronius Gridtie System includes the Trina Solar framework—a progressive method for augmenting the sun’s capacity utilizing Trina Solar Power Optimizers. Seventy Five Trina Solar Panel Optimizers are matched up with 75  Trina Solar Panel.

For what reason Should You Invest in the 25 kW Fronius Gridtie System includes the Trina Solar system? The Fronius Optimizers augment vitality throughput from every single module through consistent following of Maximum Power Point exclusively per module. Since Fronius Optimizers naturally keep up a settled string voltage, the Fronius inverter works at ideal productivity. Advantages include:

  • Up to 25% increase in power output.
  • Faster installations with less wiring.
  • Maximum roof utilization.
  • Safest solar system! With built in arc fault detection.
  • Built-in module-level monitoring for unprecedented remote maintenance capabilities.
  • 5-year warranty on inverters

Why is a Fronius System Better Than a Traditional Gridtie System? Made in Austria European Standard . User Friendly.

Fewer Constraints and More Flexibility in the Design Process:

  • Temperature is not a factor because fixed string voltage ensures the inverter always operates at its peak efficiency voltage and prevents under-voltage power losses even on hot days.
  • Panels don’t all have to be facing the same way
  • Different string lengths can now be accommodated.
  • Solar power ratings and technologies can vary.

A Grid-Tied or On-Grid nearby planetary group is associated with the utility power lattice and does not give reinforcement control amid load shedding because of nonappearance of batteries. On-Grid Systems are less expensive in light of the fact that they don’t include the underlying expense of batteries and results in a shorter compensation period between 3 – 5 years for the clients (contingent upon the framework measure).

Available Sizes of On-Grid Solutions:

10KW – 25 KW  27KW – 50 KW  100 KW – 500 KW


Monitoring Options for Your System. The Fronius Module Monitoring portal is a web-based application that provides performance monitoring of your solar panels, fault detection and automatic alerts for accurate troubleshooting localized on a virtual site map. Monitoring is simple with the use of ethernet cable OR ethernet bridge. If you have any questions regarding this system, or would like to discuss a custom-made system, contact us 0333 4888429 or at info@pakistansolartraders.com.


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