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SegPV Solar Panels


Solar Panel Mono

SegPV Solar Panel

Key Points:

• Tight power tolerance

• Rigorously tested high efficiency panels

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Made in: China
Warranty: First 5 years at 90% output

25 years at 80% output

Watts Amps Volts Tolerance Weight (lbs.)/KGS Model Price Per Watt
250 8.72 17.20 -0/+2 % 12.0/KG SEGM6-36 150W
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( 150W )

– High module conversion efficiencies

– Easy installation and handling for various appliciations

– Applications Class A, Safety Class II, Fire Rating 1 Type

– 25 year – Linear power output

– 5 year – Material & workmanship


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SEGM6-36 150W Monocrystalline Panel


Back Ground



SegPV solar panels are excellent performances than any other solar panel . We are providing complete solar solutions and service import country . We are residential, commercial , agricultural farms , petrol stations , industries and complete solution with warranty.

SegPV Virtus and known for monocrystalline solar panels. SegPV is a combination of multicrystalline solar module performance monocrystalline module with high quality and low price. SegPV Mono solar panels up to 4% more efficient than standard multicrystalline. Greater efficiency, and a smaller footprint per watt of a sleek black, SegPV for the monocrystalline solar panels.
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150 watt solar panel price in Pakistan more 150 watt solar panel specifications 150 watt solar panel dimensions are as follow: