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Solar System Price in Pakistan | Pakistan Solar Traders

Solar photovoltaic systems refer to a variety of solar electricity. Solar Energy is made of silicon solar Photovoltaic conversion of solar systems. He especially integrated reactor, the network communication, which is used in a variety of ways. Solar Energy Systems offers solutions for systems Photovoltaic solar applications and off the network grid.

The role of the network by the battery 1 kW to 10 kW capacity or operation and maintenance of the list above.
DC DC equipment such as fans and lights 40%, is used for the local elections viable to reduce energy use and operation of solar power.
Network, network operating tie-up to 50 kW power range.
OES, which provides solar products for your home, your home can help you relax and improve the market value. You will enjoy the benefits of conservation or not, life long products and reliability of our outstanding devices. We network and equipment to provide international products are recognized at the international level and the high level of prices in the most relevant to our customers in the field of solar technology.
In Pakistan a lot of pure sine wave solar system being installed.
1-5KVA wall background solar power systems and are used a lot in the design of the bridge Inverter, and inbuilt 40A / 60A PPT payments Solar Controller on integrated, especially office equipment.

How many panels & how much roof space for a 10kW solar system?

A modern-day 10kW solar system will be comprised of between about 30-40 panels and will require about 40-68 m2 of roof space, depending on the wattage of the panels. You can explore your own roof’s solar potential here.


10kW solar PV system price ranges

Pakistan is home to some of the lowest solar installation prices in the world, and 10kW solar systems – because of their size – frequently offer some of the best value of any solar PV system size. According to the average price of a fully installed 10kW solar system in Pakistan is around  PKR135 per watt – or about PKR 1,350,000 for the whole system. it can vary according to back up requirements or load details.

For anyone looking to install a 10kW solar system, this price point can act as a reference point – some installers will offer a lower price, while others will offer a higher price. The thing to look for is the comparative value of the system – a balance between quality products and price.

10kW solar system energy output

Depending a number of factors, the actual power output of a 10kW solar power system will vary. These variables include:

-Location & climate

–Orientation and tilt angle of the solar panel array

–Whether there is any shade cast on the panels

-Operating temperature of the panels

-Whether solar panel array capacity is accurately matched to inverter capacity

-The performance of the individual components – i.e. the panels and the inverter

Is a 10kW solar system right for you?

10kW solar systems are on the large side for residential installations (where 3kW–5kW is much more common). So as mentioned above, 10kW systems tend to be most appropriate for homes with significant amounts of daytime electricity consumption (or businesses with about 40kWh of daytime usage). They may also be a good size choice for homes who have low electricity consumption and want to go off-grid (see: “Can I go off-grid with a 10kW solar system?“)

The table below should give you some idea about whether or not a 10kW system may be well-suited to your needs – or if a better system size might be a better match. We recommend that you self-consume at least 30% of the the solar energy that your system produces.

Solar PV system sizing table no batteries

Remember: The table above is a highly generalised, indicative guide; it does not take into account your location or the tilt & orientation of your roof – not to consider system prices or financial details like payback period. If you’d like to take a more detailed look, use our Solar PV System Payback Estimator or our Simple Solar System Sizing Estimator.

Also keep in mind that your network company may have a default limit on solar system size – they may not allow you to connect a system larger than 5kW to the grid without extra paperwork and inspections. Check with your solar installer or local network company for more details.


10kW solar system financial returns

These days, in the absence of generous, state-backed solar feed-in tariffs, deriving the most value out of your self-generated solar energy is ‘self-consumption‘ – using as much energy as possible directly. Because solar feed-in tariff rates are generally lower than what you’ll pay for energy from the grid, the more solar energy you use yourself, the more you’ll save.

10kW solar power systems: Price, power output, and returns plz call us 03324129441

If you’d like a more detailed assessment of your roof’s solar potential fill out our Solar Quote Comparison Request form to initiate a dialogue with accredited solar professionals in our network.

15kw solar system with 2v cells

15kw solar system with 2v cells

15kw hybrid solar system DHA Phase 4

15kw hybrid solar system DHA Phase 4


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Solar System Price in Pakistan

Pakistan Solar Traders Introduce a 5 KVA Solar System. This is best for Both Home and Residential we installed for many companies with Positive feed back.

10 KW on grid in Pakistan

Pakistan Solar Traders Introduce a 10 KW  Solar System. This is best for Both Home and Residential we installed for many companies with Positive feed back.