6KW On-Grid Inverter 5G Series IP(65)

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SolarMax Grid-Tied/ On-Grid Solar String Inverter, First Time in Pakistan With 6 Year Warranty, Remote Monitoring, IP 65 (Weather Proof) Can Install Indoor & Outdoor.Solar panels Often Generate More Electricity Than You Are Capable Of Consuming And Because Of Net Metering, Excess Electricity Is Put Into the Utility Grid.


Fronus Infineon Plus 6KW Solar Inverter

infineon-plus-6 KW

Efficiency 98.8%
Max. DC Power 6000 Watts
AC Power 6000 Watts
Total MPPTs 2
Strings Per MPPT 2
MPPT Voltage Range 180 V – 800 V
Startup Voltage 250 V
Max. Current Per MPPT 32 A
Communications Wifi/4G/Dongle/USB

Fronus 6KW Solar Inverter is optimized for VDC system voltage, offers high quality waveform with little harmonic distortion. It provides overload protection for both DC input and AC output to prevent damage to the components and the unit and is an ultimate solution to your need for an inverter.


  • Built-in 6KW MPPT
  • Removable touch LCD
  • LED indicators for PV, Battery, Grid Mode
  • Built in Wi-Fi module in 6KW
  • Built in anti-dust kit
  • Overload and Short Circuit protection

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