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Longi Solar Panel

Longi Solar PanelLONGi leads the solar PV( Longi Solar Panel with Pakistan Solar Traders ) industry to new heights with product innovations and optimized power-cost ratio with breakthrough monocrystalline technologies. LONGi supplies more than 30GW of high-efficiency solar wafers and modules worldwide yearly, about a quarter of global market demand. LONGi is recognized as the world’s most valuable solar technology company with the highest market value. Innovation and sustainable development are two of LONGi’s core values.


Relying on LONGi Solar’s strong financial health, LONGi Solar Panel will continue to invest more in technology R&D and low-LCOE solutions, leading to Win-Win, together with customers.

LONGi Solar


Longi 445 W Mono PERC at Pakistan Solar Traders
LONGi’s PERC module won the first prize in energy yield simulation in 2017 and 2018, and the first prize in outdoor energy yield of monofacial module in 2019 conducted by TÜVRheinland.
Best top selling brand of 2020
Among the modules that participated in the ‘PV magazine test’, LONGi’s outdoor power generation was significantly ahead of other products.
PERC cell
The PERC cell has a passivated rear side and a laser grooving process, which significantly improves the cell efficiency.
Based on the advanced mono wafer and anti-LID technology, LONGi offers a first-year power warranty of ≥98% for PV modules.
  • Multiple power options with the latest technology reaching 520-530 W
  • High efficiency of up to 21.1%
  • Guaranteed positive power tolerance of up to +5W
  • LID Mono PERC technology allows slow degradation over the years
  • Careful module BOM selection ensures Solid PID resistance
  • Lower operating current allows reduced resistive loss
  • The operating temperature is low, so it yields higher energy
  • The optimized electrical design reduces hot spot risks
  • Aesthetic design and compatible for both roof and ground installations
  • Works best for all purposes such as residential, commercial and industrial

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Half Cut Solar Panels

Half Cut Solar Panels: Higher Efficiency & Better Shade Tolerance

Half-cell modules have solar cells that are cut in half, which improves the module’s performance and durability. Traditional 60- and 72-cell panels will have 120 and 144 half-cut cells, respectively. When solar cells are halved, their current is also halved, so resistive losses are lowered and the cells can produce a little more power. Smaller cells experience reduced mechanical stresses, so there is a decreased opportunity for cracking. Half-cell modules have higher output ratings and are more reliable than traditional panels.
“When considering a solar installation, the idea of ‘more’ is at the forefront—produce more energy, save (or earn) more money and do more good for the environment,” said Cemil Seber, VP of global marketing and product management for module manufacturer REC. “In the case of rooftops where there is a limited amount of space available, using solar panels with half-cut cell technology can help.”

What are half-cut solar cells?

Just as bifacial solar panels and PERC solar cells provide small boosts in the efficiencies of silicon solar panels, implementing half-cut cells in solar panels can help improve the power output of a solar panel system. Half-cut solar cells are exactly what their name suggests – they are traditional silicon solar cells that have been cut in half using a laser cutter.
Half-cut cells provide several benefits over traditional solar cells. Most importantly, half-cut solar cells offer improved performance and durability. Performance-wise, half-cut cells can increase panel efficiencies by a few percentage points. And in addition to better production numbers, half-cut cells are more physically durable than their traditional counterparts; because they are smaller in size, they’re more resistant to cracking.
Due to these advantages, solar panels built with half-cut solar cells have the potential to provide quicker solar payback periods for property owners installing solar energy systems. Especially for installations where shading and limited space are constraining factors, half-cut cells can make a solar panel installation even more worth the upfront cost.
REC is a half-cell pioneer, first introducing the design in 2014. The company’s TwinPeak half-cell module series effectively turns each panel into two twin panels. Since the cells are smaller, inter-cell spacing doesn’t have to be as wide and they can be placed closer together. This allows REC to separate the panel into two. Independent upper and lower module halves lead to improved shading response. If the bottom half of a module is shaded, the top half will still perform.

What solar panel manufacturers use half-cut cells?

The first half-cut cell solar panels were introduced in 2014 by REC Solar, and they have since been transferring much of their module manufacturing to be equipped for half-cut cell production. Aside from REC, many manufacturers have introduced half-cell modules. Trina SolarHanwha Q CELLSJinkoSolar, and LONGi Solar are just some of the large solar panel manufacturers who produce half-cell panel options.

How do half-cut solar cells improve panel performance?

There are a few main ways that half-cut cells can boost solar panel output and performance:

1. Reduced resistive losses

One source of power loss when solar cells convert sunlight into electricity is resistive losses, or power lost during electrical current transport. Solar cells transport current using the thin metal ribbons that cross their surface and connect them to neighboring wires and cells, and moving current through these ribbons leads to some energy lost. By cutting solar cells in half, the current generated from each cell is halved, and lower current flowing leads to lower resistive losses as electricity moves throughout cells and wires in a solar panel.

2. Higher shade tolerance

Half-cut cells are more resistant to the effects of shade than traditional solar cells. This is not due to the cells being cut in half, but rather a result of the wiring methods used to connect half-cut cells in a panel. In traditional solar panels built with full cells, the cells are wired together in rows, known as series wiring. In series wiring schemes, if one cell in a row is shaded and not producing energy, the entire row of cells will stop producing power. Standard panels typically have 3 separate rows of cells wired together, so shade on one cell of one row would eliminate a third of that panel’s power production.

Find the right solar panels for your installation

Half-cut solar cells are an exciting technology in the solar industry and can be a solution for property owners looking to maximize energy production with high-efficiency, shade-tolerant solar panels. In order to find the best solar system option for you at the right price, register your property on the EnergySage Solar Marketplace to begin receiving custom solar quotes submitted by local solar companies. If you are interested in solar panels made with half-cut solar cells, you can simply leave a note on your profile for installers to see. Not all solar panel manufacturers use half-cut cell technology, but certain installers may carry half-cut panels.


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Advantages of Solar System in Pakistan

Advantages of Solar System 

A solar system in Pakistan is a gadget that is utilized to retain energy from the sun to create warm or as a rule power. It is likewise alluded to as a photovoltaic cell since it is made of numerous cells that are utilized to change over the light from the sun into power. The main crude material for these solar systems is the sun. It is made so that the cells confront the sun with a specific end goal to empower most extreme retention of the sun beams. The more prominent the energy from the sun is, the more the power that is created. There are numerous advantages of Solar systems on the planet because of their numerous masters that are significantly more than cons. A portion of these aces are talked about beneath.

No Wastage Due to Solar System 

One essential favorable position of utilizing is that Solar System don’t produce any gases that are regular in green houses. The panels don’t radiate any smoke, concoction or overwhelming metals that can be hazard variables to human well-being. solar systems are accordingly natural well disposed when contrasted with consuming of non-renewable energy sources to produce energy.
This is vital since carbon emanations are hazardous and staying away from their discharge helps in shielding our present and future condition. Being condition inviting is vital since the legislature is always concocting approaches to control an Earth-wide temperature boost and the utilization of solar systems is an awesome method to begin. The solar systems along these lines keep up a spotless setting and they leave the air new. All the more imperatively they help in avoidance of numerous malignancy frequencies.
This is on account of a few items from a few wellsprings of energy like atomic energy have been said to cause growth because of inception of transformations in cells.

Free Energy Due to Solar Systems

Furthermore, utilization of solar systems guarantees continuous free solar energy for the individuals who utilize it. This is for the most part in light of the fact that the main cost brought about is that of establishment. Once the establishment has been done the energy is free since the panel does not require customary support or fuel to run it.
It additionally requires no crude materials for its task. It functions insofar as there are sun beams which is a regular thing in many parts of the world. In reality as we know it where measure up to circulation of assets is ceaselessly being looked for, this is imperative since each and everybody has level with rights with regards to utilization of solar energy. This is on the grounds that the energy from the sun falls on all.
This is a decent method to keep up equity as contrasted and energy from petroleum derivative which low wage residences don’t bear the cost of by and large.

Solar Systems Empower the Decentralization

There is additionally the preferred standpoint in that, the utilization of solar systems empower the decentralization of intensity. This is imperative since it is exceptionally shoddy. This is mostly in light of the fact that when control isn’t decentralized, it must be shared by all and is therefore transported to numerous zones. With this incident, there are a lot of costs that are brought about.
These incorporate; the wear and tear of vehicles, the air contamination among others. These expenses are altogether joined in the power bills of people as the legislature does not cover the costs. It is subsequently more worthwhile to utilize solar systems as a sparing arrangement and to make a feeling of decency since people with significant influence tend to exploit and utilize their situations to steal reserves.

Of-Grid Availability of Solar System

A solar system can be worked Of-Grid Availability of Solar System. This is an extraordinary favorable position for the individuals who live in extremely disengaged territories or in provincial districts. Off framework implies that the house isn’t associated with the state’s power matrix. This has the upside of minimal effort since establishment might be exceptionally costly for those living in disconnected regions.
These people have their electrical cables separated in numerous occurrences because of the way that it is once in a while more expensive for some. solar systems offer an answer for this since they don’t require as much to be introduced. Be that as it may, those living in towns can likewise utilize the off-framework method.
An additional favorable position in this is there are no tenets administering regardless of whether one needs to work off-matrix or on-framework with regards to utilization of solar systems. This anyway is an issue when utilizing petroleum product created power. Solar systems in Pakistan produce openings for work. This is of awesome significance since there is a high rate of joblessness on the planet today.
These employments are come to fruition through, installation of the solar systems, examine about further changes, support, advancement and social combination. With the proceeded with nearness of the sun, these employments are ensured since there is continuous changes and alteration of this gadget. Occupations like support and establishment don’t require a long haul preparing and are along these lines more profitable for the individuals who don’t have numerous aptitudes and are jobless.

No Restriction of Installing Solar System

Utilization of solar energy is protected from value controls and legislative issues. The way that there are no crude materials that are exclusively controlled by restraining infrastructures guarantees that there is no control of costs similar to the case with non-renewable energy sources. With non-renewable energy sources, the costs can ascend as high as the cornering powers controlling them need.
There is additionally less intensity with utilization of solar systems since there is no battle about such things as oil fields and other crude materials. Despite the fact that the administration has begun tending to the issue of solar systems, there is little impact they can have in value control. This is on the grounds that nobody controls the principle crude material.
There is additionally less ecological devastation with the utilization of a solar system. This is on account of there are no instances of mining or extraction of crude materials that in the end prompt devastation of backwoods and water catchment territories. With the utilization of solar systems, there is less of this and accordingly there are unfaltering rainfalls that significantly support creation and subsequently the national pay of every single nation. Numerous nations confront issues of starvation because of demolition of backwoods to get fuel. This can be forestalled by utilizing solar systems.

Less Dependency due to Solar Systems

There is leverage of dependability in utilizing solar systems. This is on account of there is capacity to foresee the measure of sun to expect every last day. In this manner one is has certification of energy. The gadgets are additionally made so that they can retain sun beams notwithstanding when there a couple of mists and the sun beams are not exceptionally solid. The solar energy is likewise inexhaustible.
It can in this way be utilized endlessly without getting exhausted. Albeit solar energy can’t be utilized during the evening, it works full power amid the day which is of incredible significance. The energy can likewise be put away in type of batteries for use during the evening.

Ease of Mind Using Solar System

Everybody adores some peace and calm. This is something you get when you utilize solar systems. This is on the grounds that they are extremely quiet. There is no commotion that gives away the way that the solar system is there separated from the way that you can see it. This is something to be thankful for since it makes the earth quiet contrasted with wind and water produced control supplies which have movable parts that are very uproarious and destruct the peace.
Solar systems are along these lines useful for use for individuals living in bequests where hoses are near each other. This is on the grounds that with quietness, peace is kept up between the neighbors.

Low Cost Effectiveness of Solar System

When introducing solar systems, there is no expansive scale establishment required. They along these lines require almost no space to introduce. This is vital with regards to quickly developing districts and towns. The establishment will chiefly include a solitary cell to constantly produce energy. Henceforth an estate requires a solitary cell. There is in this way no clog and a proceeded with supply to the popularity of energy.
This keeps up a decent picture in a network since swarming may make the place less alluring which may keep individuals from moving to the territory since everybody needs to live some place they think about wonderful, thus, utilization of solar systems does not meddle with land deals.
Solar systems are solid. This is on the grounds that there are no moving parts in the gadget. This hence diminishes its possibility being destructed. It is conceivable to utilize a solar system for a significant lot of time without purchasing another, ponders assess that it can keep going for more than ten years. Such a gadget is valuable since it lessens the pressure that comes to fruition when a machine quits running since something moved toward becoming lose or exhausted.
There is likewise diminished upkeep cost since it is less inclined to wear. This by and large makes the gadget simple to deal with for a man with almost no abilities in taking care of a solar system.

Higher Benefits on Solar System

Numerous organizations that put resources into solar energy get the upside of higher benefits. This is on account of they cut back on costs acquired in power and whatever is left of the benefits are much of the time used to grow the business. This is exceptionally beneficial. Measurements demonstrate that the organizations that utilization solar systems have more prominent returns contrasted with those that utilization different wellsprings of energy.
This might be because of the way that power can be extremely costly and may make these organizations not manage the cost of allocate of advantages. This is particularly obvious in little or new organizations. There is additionally favorable position that customers get when they get services from an organization that utilization clean energy. This is the way that they can gain admittance to government motivating forces that are made accessible to these organizations.
Utilization of solar systems empowers people and organizations to appreciate the advantages of low duties. This is on account of in many parts of the world, the assessments that are charged are around 30% less when contrasted with utilizing different wellsprings of energy. With all the charges that one needs to pay for each thing acquired, this is an awesome chance to lessen spending on charges. Since there is no month to month charge when utilizing a solar system, it influences it to tax exempt. When utilizing petroleum product energy, this is no alternative since one needs to pay their power on a month to month premise which as a rule is vigorously exhausted.

Space Requirement for Solar System Installation

The span of solar system required per meter to give most extreme vitality little. At the point when there is full sun, one can get around one thousand watts for every meter. This is comparable to around 2900-watt hours out of each day. Anyway this relies upon the territory in which you are finds, the time and the quality in which the sun beams achieve the solar system. Consequently, there are times where one gets more vitality contrasted with others. Anyway the vitality gives the coveted impact even at low power and is in this way still exceptionally solid.
It is exceedingly far-fetched to hear that somebody got harmed when utilizing a solar system. This is on the grounds that there are few instances of electric stuns that are extremely visit when utilizing different wellsprings of power. It is in this manner safe to utilize solar systems for individuals. This makes less frequencies of crises. In any case, watchful measures ought to be taken as coordinated by the individual that does the establishment since there are occurrences where links are left uncovered and could cause stun when contacted. This is uncommon when the wiring is done accurately. Care ought to likewise be taken since the rooftop could be continually emanating power.


Solar systems are not inclined to annihilation by unforgiving ecological conditions. Hence, they are not effortlessly destructed, this is vital since the gadget is submitted outside in request to ingest sun beams. The fortunate thing about this is it very well may be utilized by individuals who live in territories where the climate is here and there much of the time.
All these are incredible favorable circumstances that accompany utilizing solar systems. Solar systems can be utilized in any setting, regardless of whether in schools, homes or organizations
For the individuals who are living in Pakistan, you can contact Pakistan Solar Traders about the establishment, expense and solar system items, if it’s not too much trouble visit their site for more data.