DC Fan 12 volt

DC Fan 12 Volt

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    DC Fan 12 volt

    is selling Solar Pedestal DC Fan 12 volt at most reasonable price. These are state of the art pedestal fans with excellent Red & a Black color combination. This attractive and most demanding fan is available at Pakistan Solar Traders at reasonable price. Facility of Posting the fan to other cities across Pakistan is available.


  • Power Method: DC 12
  • Power: 15W
  1. 16 inches DC Fan blades
  2. 3 level controller
  3. 1250 RPM Aproximately
  4. 15 pcs LED lamps
  5. a wide-angle air supply
  6. three level of directional adjustment

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Power Supply

High Quality Supply Specs;

Input: ~150-240 ;

Output: 15V 3A
for DC fan
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Solar 12v DC Fan Ceiling


DC Fan 12 volt

This ceiling DC Fan 12 volt can be operate on 12 v by directly connecting to the battery. It can also be replaced by the ordinary 220 v fans which are using in homes. By replacing it with 220v fans, you can save 75% electricity and this will increase your UPS timing upto 4 times. It is low weight with cool blow wind fan. 12v DC Ceiling fans are, now a days, most demanding fans in Pakistan. These are attractive fans available in 2 colors, Red Color and White Color.

  1. Rated Power: ≤22-30W)
  2. Power Method: DC 12v / AC 220v


  1. Blade diameter: 1200MM
  2. Speed Control: 5
  3. Noise: 27DB-A
  4. Case Material Metal
  5. Switch Type: Step Switch

Power Supply
High Quality Supply Specs;

Input: ~150-240 ;

Output: 15V 4A
for DC Ceiling fan
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12V DC Fan Speed Controller Simple and reliable control pulse switched between power source and the receiver. Power can come from a battery or AC adapter with adequate current capacity. Load can be any DC motor or a light bulb.

Selected parameters:

1. Suitable for engine speed control, eg. drill modeling, fan speed control
2. The right to adjust the brightness of the bulb
3. Working with DC 6V … 25V
4. Maximum output current approx .. 4A (with additional heat sink 10A)
5. Infinitely adjustable using a potentiometer
6. Control the output current in the range of 5 … 99%
7. High efficiency, adjustable PWM pulse.