Dry Battery in Pakistan

Dry Battery in Pakistan

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A battery is a contraption contained at least one electrochemical cells that convert the put away compound vitality into electrical vitality. In the present power insightful world, dry cell is one of numerous kinds of electrochemical cells accessible for buyer use, yet it was an incredible advancement when it was invented. Wet-cell batteries, which started things out, were typically fragile glass holders with lead bars swinging from an open top. They required careful exertion to maintain a strategic distance from any spillage. This hazard level alongside numerous different reasons required the advancement of the dry-cell battery.

A dry cell contains a glue of immobilized electrolyte, with the perfect measure of sogginess in it to allow the current to stream consistently. Rather than batteries containing wet cell, a dry cell can work without spilling, since it doesn’t hold free liquid. This makes dry cell batteries the best for use in practically all versatile gear.

Narada is a global leader in the manufacturing of battery solutions for numerous industrial applications. Their extensive range of 12V solar batteries range from gel to lead acid batteries with a variety of capabilities to accommodate your specific requirements.

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Narada developed a AGM-Polymer-Gel MPG series battery to perform best performance for long time. Furthermore, that MPG series gives long standby life due to advantage of Polymer Gel technology and also used for Telecom, UPS.

Narada MPG 12V 100 Ah | Narada MPG 12V 150 Ah | Narada MPG 12V 200 Ah

MPG 12V, Standard, Front terminal Range summary MPG series is an AGM-Polymer-Gel battery developed from MP series, also under the name of “Marathon Purpose Gel type”, has more conservative design to ensure high reliability and long life.

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