Dry Battery in Pakistan

Dry Battery in PakistanA battery is a contraption contained at least one electrochemical cells that convert the put away compound vitality into electrical vitality. In the present power insightful world, dry cell is one of numerous kinds of electrochemical cells accessible for buyer use, yet it was an incredible advancement when it was invented. There are many dry batteries in Pakistan.Wet-cell batteries, which started things out, were typically fragile glass holders with lead bars swinging from an open top. They required careful exertion to maintain a strategic distance from any spillage. This hazard level alongside numerous different reasons required the advancement of the dry-cell battery.

Main Application
• Telecommunications
• Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) / Narada Battery for ups
• Switchgear / Tools
• Energy storage systems such as solar and wind energy

EnerSys Batteries by Pakistan Solar Traders

EnerSys, a global leader in supplying reserve power, offers globally leading brands of EnerSys Batteries such as DataSafe HX 12V, DataSafe HX 16V, PowerSafe DDm, and PowerSafe SBS. EnerSys has the reputation, technology and product range to comprehensively cover all applications. EnerSys Batteries have led the industry in providing advanced stored power solutions featuring long life, energy density, cyclic performance, and high temperature resistant designs. EnerSys offers Flooded or classic (flat plate, tubular & plante) batteries,  VRLA – gel and AGM batteries and Nickel Cadmium (NiCd) batteries.


EnerSys DataSafe HX Front Terminal Batteries

EnerSys DataSafe HX Front Terminal BatteriesEnerSys DataSafe HX Front Terminal UPS Batteries are available in 550 WPC, 800 WPC and 925 WPC sizes. Eliminating the difficult maintenance and burdensome space requirements of top-terminated UPS batteries, the Front Terminal batteries are more space efficient, more cost effective, and easier to maintain.



The major players in global and United States market, including
EXIDE- Enersys – VISION- Shoto – Sacred Sun – FIAMM – HUAFU – Hoppecke
DYNAVOLT – LEOCH – Coslight – C&D Technologies – East Penn – Trojan
On the basis of product, the market is primarily split into
=100 Ah

On the basis on the end users/application, this report covers
Telecom – UPS- Emergency Lighting – Security – Photovoltaic – Railways
Motorcycle – Other Vehicles – Utility- Others
Gel Batteries in Enersys, VISION, Shoto, Sacred Sun, FIAMM, HUAFU, Hoppecke, DYNAVOLT, LEOCH, Coslight. Call today to get best Battery



Fiamm BatteryFIAMM SpA is a world leader in the manufacturer of batteries for a wide range of power applications including uninterruptible power supplies and DC systems. The company is based in Italy and with additional production facilities in Switzerland, France, USA, Czech Republic, Brazil and China. About 70% of the company turnover is from export markets. The company also has sales and technical branches in the UK and other parts of the world.




Narada MPG 12V 100 Ah | Narada MPG 12V 150 Ah | Narada MPG 12V 200 Ah

dry battery in PakistanNarada, established in 1994 in Hangzhou/China, has become one of the leading battery manufacturers and global battery suppliers of the world.

he main business is the development, manufacturing, sales and service of communication backup, motive power and renewable energy storage batteries and accessories as also their system integration.



The leading products are highly reliable Lead Acid batteries of the VRLA type, Lithium-ion cells and batteries and related components and subsystems. These products are widely used in telecom, electric power, railway and other infrastructure industry and are also sought after to store efficiently renewable energy coming from photovoltaic energy and wind farms.

Narada is a global leader in the manufacturing of battery solutions for numerous industrial applications. Their extensive range of 12V solar batteries range from gel to lead acid batteries with a variety of capabilities to accommodate your specific requirements.


Lead Acid dry-battery-in Pakistan | Maintenance free Dry Battery |  Polymer Gel dry battery in Pakistan

Narada developed a AGM-Polymer-Gel MPG series battery to perform best performance for long time. Furthermore, that MPG series gives long standby life due to advantage of Polymer Gel technology and also used for Telecom, UPS.

Narada MPG 12V 100 Ah | Narada MPG 12V 150 Ah | Narada MPG 12V 200 Ah
MPG, Standard, Front terminal Range summary MPG series is an AGM-Polymer-Gel battery developed from MP series, also under the name of “Marathon Purpose Gel type”, has more conservative design to ensure high reliability and long life.

• Lead acid battery replacement
• Leisure market, e.g. RV, Golf cart, Marine power
• Industrial market, e.g. Forklift, Sweeper power
• Transportation market, e.g. EV, Utility Vehicle, Truck APU power
• Energy storage system: from portable to stationary
• OEM/ODM service for wide applications


Lithum Battery

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