CdTe Clayxo German Solar Panel

German Solar Panel
German solar panel

Made and developed in CdTe Clayxo German Solar Panel
Tested and approved by the VDE Testing Institute in standard full terms stringent IEC 61215-1, -2, -3
Conduct additional stress tests at the Fraunhofer CSP
Tested by leading under the most difficult circumstances test institutes
In addition to testing ammonia and salt spray test, the modules have to show the class modules Fire A / B. solar from other manufacturers of crystalline segment often do not reach the pass this test because of their use Eva-chips.

CdTe Clayxo German Solar Panel Guarantee

10 years on material and workmanship 25-year performance guarantee on:
90% of the voting power in the first 10 years 80% over 25 years
It is produced solar module series of Calyxo with less energy use and CO2 footprint better in contrast to similar products from other manufacturers – and in order to ensure quality of life for generations.
CdTe Clayxo thin solar modules are the most in the entire solar industry and environmental efficiency. They produce clean energy – the lowest cost – with less impact on the environment.
With the lowest CO2 footprint and fastest energy payback time, solar modules of thin Calyx has tremendous environmental advantage in contrast to other solar technologies.

Recycling of CdTe Clayxo Solar Panel

We take care of a smooth and safe life cycle of solar modules we have – from cadmium telluride as a byproduct of the smelting of zinc – and solar module manufacturers – even for recycling.
For this, we are working with established partners in order to achieve the best possible solution.

CdTe Clayxo Solar Panel

Cadmium telluride (CdTe) solar modules describes photovoltaic technology (PV), which is based on the use of cadmium telluride, and the semiconductor layer thin connectors are designed to absorb and convert sunlight into electricity. Cadmium telluride PV thin is the only technology with the cost of conventional solar cells made from crystalline silicon drop in multi-kilowatt systems.
On a life-cycle basis, CdTe PV has the smallest carbon footprint, and a minimum use of water and energy payback time is shorter than all the solar energy technologies. The time of payment of energy CdTe of less than one year allows carbon to cut faster without the energy deficit in the short term.
The toxicity of cadmium is environmental concern mitigation of recycling units CdTe at the end of the time of their lives, in spite of the presence of uncertaintiesand public skepticism toward the use of technology.The of rare materials may also become a limiting factor industrial capability for technology CdTe in the mid-term future. The abundance of Tileiraom of Telluride, which is the anionic form similar to that of platinum in the Earth’s crust, and contribute greatly to the cost of the module.
And using photovoltaics CdTe in some of the largest solar power plants in the world, such as the Topaz Solar Farm. With a share of 5.1% of PV production worldwide, and represents the technology of CdTe thin more than half the market in 2013.A prominent manufacturer of CdTe thin technology is the first company Solar, based in Arizona.

German Solar Panel Price Ranges from 100 Rupees per watt to 115