Industrial Solar Solutions

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Industrial Solar Solutions

Commercial and Industrial Solar Energy Systems & Solutions
Hadi Electric offers a complete commercial and industrial solar solutions for photovoltaic integration and connection including power conversion (inverters, transformers and switchgear), electrical distribution, monitoring, supervision and technical support. Schneider Electric provides the full solution from the panel DC output to the grid connection.

PV-Diesel Hybridization

Rooftop for Feed-in-Tariff

Rooftop for Self-Consumption / Net Metering

Rooftop for Self-Consumption with Storage

Commercial off-grid solar

Storage / Backup Power


Telecom towers


Industrial Solar Solutions & Power Systems have gained popularity in Pakistan with major industries resorting to solar power for avoiding grid outage situations. With the provision of open access in most of the states, industrial solar power systems are increasingly used by textile, cement, paper, steel, chemical, dairy and ceramic industries to cut down their electricity expenses.
Solar power for industries is quintessential for meeting the GW solar mission of Pakistan
Electricity users in Pakistan are typically classified into 3 different categories as Commercial, Industrial and Domestic consumers. A significant 44.2% of the entire electricity generated in Pakistan is used for industrial consumption, making it one of the most important sectors with respect to electricity demand. The grid tariff for industrial consumers can go as high as PKR 15/unit for non-peak hours and is much more for peak usage. Pertaining to heavy usage, especially during the peak hours, electricity constitutes major variable cost for industries. Industrial solar power, therefore, is a way to reduce the peak loading of the grid and do away with high tariff rates for the peak hours.
Heavy peak usage & large available area make solar a perfect energy solution for industries.
The high load requirement and large available rooftop area compared to commercial and domestic consumers make solar a viable alternative for industries. Often, the other incentive for many big industries to use ‘industrial solar power’ is to show an increased share of renewables in their energy portfolio and meet their RPOs (Renewable Purchase Obligations). Industrial firms with captive ‘industrial solar power systems also have the option of availing tax benefits, capital subsidies and other incentives as applicable.

 Solar power for industry

can either be generated from an in-house solar plant (captive model) or through an off-site solar farm. The solar power thus produced can be used for normal day-to-day operations of the plant including lighting, ventilation, and equipment power supply. There are certain industrial firms in Pakistan which are meeting close to 50% of their power requirements through solar energy. The solar power system used by industries can be equipped with a battery storage system also. The battery storage makes the solar plant even more relevant when it comes to reducing the electricity cost.
The in-house PV plant can be owned and operated by the industrial firm (CAPEX Model) or by a 3rd party which owns and operates the plant and sells solar power produced back to the firm (OPEX Model). It is feasible for big industries with very high load requirements to get installed captive solar power plants within their facilities. Solar developers in Pakistan are building solar parks in different states for catering to requirements from a group of small industries operating in the nearby area. Providing solar power for industries has hence become one of the highest growing segments for solar firms in Pakistan.

Benefits of Solar Solutions For Industrial & Commercial Properties:

  • Free Energy & Great Return on Investment : Pakistan Solar Traders provide energy solution at no extra cost for the first few years and then free for the rest of the 25 years (lifespan of solar panel)
  • Solar Energy with No Load Restriction : Solar Grid tie inverter is designed to convert solar power into utility grade electricity and synchronize it with the local electricity power grid supply. You can run any heavy machinery with the appropriate solar power plant configuration.
  • Secure Your Energy Needs : Installing a solar system guarantees a lifelong and permanent source of your own free power station, with no fluctuation in supply or price.
  • Energy Reliability : Solar Energy system guarantees energy reliability, as it is not affected by geopolitical issues like labour strike in plant or unpredictable electricity costs etc.
  • Fight Against Global Warming : Solar is a pollution free energy solution that strives to secure the energy needs of our coming generations.
  • Solar is pure, clean, without noise and almost zero maintenance. 

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