jinko cheetah 72m

jinko cheetah 72m 400 watt Mono PERC

Power Gain

Cheetah will maximize your PV system capacity and economic returns, maximized power density. Ultra high power output ensures less area usage for projects which brings reductions of installation costs, BOS and labor costs.



Increased Power Output

By using half-cells, the electrical current (i) flowing in each busbar is halved. Therefore the amount of internal losses in a half-cell module is ¼ of a full-sized cell module. Reduced internal resistance and improved shading tolerance brings high power and reduce hotspots.

Improved Temperature Coefficient

Cheetah has improved the temperature coefficient to -0.36%/℃, the actual output can be increased 1% on the daylight time, which is perfect for delivering substantially more electricity on a hot summer day.