Benefits of Using Veichi Pumps VFD drives

a. Energy efficient: pump VSD can help you save 20%-40% electricity which is eco-friendly.

b. It is of small accounting area, less investment and high working efficiency.

c. It has high configuration flexibility, high degree of automation, rich functions and stable performance.

d. Reasonable running, with soft starting and soft stopping, can eliminate water hammer effect. Therefore, the average motor shaft torque and wear will be reduced a lot. Not only reduces the maintenance cost, but it also greatly improves the life span of pump and the whole water supply system.

e. The constant pressure water supply system directly gets water from the source water, so it reduces the secondary pollution, which is effective to prevent much infectious disease transmission.

f. Communication control: pump VFDs can help you achieve unattended control, saving manpower.

VEICHI Si123 4kW inverters in Pakistan:

The VEICHI Si123 4 kW solar pump inverter is the best solution for all water pumps. It comes with highly advanced features and specs which are listed below:

  • Beautiful design
  • Maximum power tracking ability
  • Superior control algorithm
  • Highly reliable
  • Highly efficient
  • 1 year local warranty