There are two types of Solar water heater or Solar Geyser systems:

Solar Geysers Pakistan

Solar geysers rely on the basic principle of using the suns energy to heat water. As a result, it has been estimated that by using one at home, water heating costs should decrease by 50%–80%. This is a massive saving for the average person. Also, its free energy so you’re safe if Escome decides to hike up the electricity prices or insist on more load shedding.

Benefits of Solar Geysers

  • Investment Payback Period is short.
  • Protection from power failures and increased electricity tariffs.
  • Solar energy is free. Water heating will be free.
  • Furthermore a nice boost in your property value.
  • Save the environment with clean energy usage.
  • Start saving money on water heating from day one.
  • Reduce water heating by as much as 40% monthly.
  • Maintenance & servicing is generally very low.
  •  approved with a 1-year guarantee.

Types of Solar Geysers:

  • Direct Solar Geyser (stand-alone)
  • Indirect Solar Geyser (connected to another geyser)

Direct Solar Geysers: 100 litre | 150 litre | 200 litre

Direct Solar Geyser – using this system, the water is just circulated through the solar collector. The water then warms up and returns to the water supply. Its a much cheaper system to run. Additionally, these systems don’t handle cold weather well.

Indirect Solar Geyser – heat exchanger and transfer fluid are needed with this system. This is a more complex system to install. Using a heat exchanger makes it more costly. These types of geysers also do well in colder climatic regions of Pakistan.


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