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We provide Solar inverter repair or solar system repairing or solar system installation , our specialist at Pakistan Solar Traders are ready to provide you all services on your call. We repair all brands solar inverters and provide solar system maintenance services. Our need sun based and inverter repair benefit, gives a streamlined turnaround procedure to guarantee that your inverter and close planetary system are back on the framework and sparing you cash and adding to sparing nature.

Solar Hybrid Inverter repair | Call Us Today 03324129441

Costly Hybrid Inverter / Converter damaged due to lack of Hybrid understanding. normally inverter shows error due to low quality protection installed  and lake of understanding Solar Hybrid inverters. 2ndly during installation quality gets compromised with prices. 


Through the day by day dealings in the Hybrid Inverter here in Pakistan, we wish to feature a couple of exorbitant errors which could have been dodged. A general misconception of the hybrid technology innovation and feeling that hybrid inverter can be services/repaired a typical UPS is itself a major problem.

1) Parallel imported Inverters are normally CDM in nature (China Domestic Model that inherent China) and accompany Chinese dialect guidelines on the book (Inside Inverter Box). There are cautioning signs, operation directions and Hybrid inverter which were not appropriately clarified upon buying process.

2) A general knowledge absence of Hybrid technology with the business channel and repair shops here decline the circumstance as well.

3) Many exorbitant Inverter substitutions could have been evaded if the consumer realized what to do and did not disregard the notice signs when overheating/overload/Humidity/Dust happens.  Delayed attention with an overheating/overload/Humidity/Dust inverter would additionally harm it.

4) Many Hybrid inverter comes with different volt and ampere input/output, some installation workers don’t comprehend the hybrid well and they would handle it like an ordinary UPS(uninterruptible power Supply) in this way making further harm to Hybrid /ongrid inverter

5) We found in many cases that a mistaken limited power Inverter was utilized amid substitution by a UPS/Generator specific loads. This further harmed the inverter because of overy loading.

Do call us when you are in question as we are here to help you. We will keep on sharing Hybrid inverter / ongrid inverter cross related information.


Here are some common error which found in our lab during repairing inverter of different companies.


Hybrid Inverter Faults identify error for better repair services. We provide hybrid inverter repair services with 100% customer satisfactions.

We offer warranty after repair the inverter . Our hybrid inverter repaired will be same as factory manufactured with warranty,.

Their could be other issues in inverter which are not common but chances that Software issue / Firmware update can be required if hybrid inverter is malfunction.


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