Microgrid Solar Systems

Microgrid Solar System for your application.

Choose a system based on your power needs from our table below or let one of our trained associates build a custom system for your project. These are complete pre-wired AC & DC power generating systems utilizing high efficiency solar modules, pure sine wave inverters & battery chargers for AC/DC power with customer supplied diesel or propane back-up gensets and sealed battery banks. Our line of complete microgrid systems experience.


Our Microgrid Solar Systems are mostly custom designed or it can be site particular requirements of power utilizing photovoltaic power, and other crossover sources, for example, diesel gensets, wind turbines, and lead  battery Lithium Ion battery storage.


Microgrid solar system are regularly utilized for remote location for telecom sector , Industry, hilly areas , island control, military stations, security stations, diesel generator , remote modern systems, ecological remediation, oil and gas pipeline, fracking systems. microwave repeaters, satellite stations, town /rural solar power, radio/TV repeaters , cathodic assurance, crisis control, PCS base station, cell repeaters, country security, versatile backhaul, debacle readiness, remote hospitals, water pumping solutions remote restorative facilities and considerably more.

microgrid solar system is a small-scale power grid that can operate independently or in synchronicity with the area’s main electrical grid or Diesel Generator.Often, microgrids solar systems involve more than one energy sources as a way of combining renewable power. Other purposes include reduction of running cost of generator fuel on the other hand increase its efficiency and life span and enhancing reliability. Any Microgrid Solar Systems has its own power resources, generation and loads and definite boundaries. If battery backup is added to Microgrid Solar Systems then they become independent from utility or genset hence making it reliable for remote areas like military outposts, islands,diesel generator , remote industrial systems,oil & gas pipeline, fracking systems. microwave repeaters, satellite stations, village power, radio/television repeaters. It ranges from 1 kw to megawatts.

Pakistan Solar Power Systems is managing in Solar items from most recent couple of years effectively and is covering remote ranges in Pakistan as well as proposing elective and sustainable wellspring of vitality for modern parts in Pakistan. We are featuring its advantages for an individual association as well as universally for whole humankind. As of now we are searching for accomplice in Industrial projects and can give prepared material and establishment help in Pakistan.

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