Veichi SI30 Solar Pump Inverter

Veichi SI30 Solar Pump Inverter

Veichi SI30 Solar Pump InverterIngenious Design — Small and exquisite inverter modules
Industry 4.0 — GPRS, bluetooth and cloud platform to build the IOT module Variety Modules — AC/DC integrated (Boost) module IP65 Protection —- A perfect union of fashion sense and technology

With modular design and IP65 protection, VEICHI SI30 solar water pump inverter is highly praised by customers. Compared with SI20, the SI30 series solar pump controller  enhances the overall performances both in hardware and software.

Solar pump IOT system

Solar pump IOT system

Real-time monitoring, remote expert consultation, large data automatic calculation of energy-saving status and support PC and mobile APP query.

IP65—360 degrees waterproof and dustproof

SI30 adopts specialized die-casting aluminum Ai-Si-Cu alloy as the shell material, with the high-end protection of IP65: waterproof panel, waterproof joint and waterproof enclosure.

AC/DC automatic switch

Basing on the customers’ requirements, the AC and DC power supply could be automatically switched by software.

Enhanced Protections

There are complete and enhanced protections in SI30, such as the dry run, dormancy, water fulfill, phase failure, OC, OV, OL, OH and so on.

AM and PMSM Motors

Same as SI20, the SI30 series solar pump inverter could perfectly work with AM and PMSM motors.

Bluetooth Keyboard

Bluetooth keyboard is firstly adopted in SI30 series by scanning the code to meet the on-site requirements. In addition, there is also external keyboard which is available for customers.

One Key Start and Stop

The human computer interface in the pre-cover support end users “one key start and stop”.

Application Cases of  solar pump system

Application cases of solar pump system

Besides, Veichi Electric also provides other solar energy products such as SI23 Solar Pump Inverter and SI22 Solar Pump Inverter at wholesale price.

SI22 Solar Water VFD Inverters / AC Drives

1.  vfd inverter Small Body,Great Performance;
2. It works as the little assistant who can help farmers become rich by solar pump irrigation;
3. Small Body:Palm-sized,and reducing installation space & delivery cost;
4. Modern Stylish:One technology & one art,Easy to understand;

SI23 vfd invertera | Solar Water Pump Inverters | AC Drives

1. Specially designed with advanced MPPT and CVT technology.
2. Support remote monitoring online through GPRS remote monitor system.
3. Work well with PMSM,AM and other pumps.
4. Book design saves installation space.

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