We provide Solar tubewell Solution which are practical and affordable solar solution for the farmers. Solar tubewell intended to reduce the water scarcity problem facing the agricultural sector in Pakistan. Due to the excessive discharge of the cargo and fuel constantly rising value, for the abstraction of water Pipes are very difficult for farmers. Pakistan Solar Power Traders Providing affordable alternatives to individual farmers and businesses.

We install the necessary required tube wells in different sizes. The company installs 5 HP, 7 HP, 10 HP, 15 HP, 20 HP, 25HPand 30 HP  solar tubing walls. This is a long-term and life-plan discharge of power systems. We have a 1 year warranty and free service company with experience in building affordable prices at the price is reliable and reliable Solar Tube Well system. Solar Tubewell good for Pakistani farmers  it is very useful and healthy investment.


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5.5 Hp Solar Tube well / Water Pumping for Irrigation  

We have 5HP solar tube well for agriculture purpose. It is enough for small lands or lands near river side.  Solar Water Pumps are best suitable to run systems for water pumping in irrigation in remote areas or where electricity has frequent outage. With the use of Solar reliable supply of water can be achieved over a long period to power tube wells with submersible and surface pumps.


We can design Systems of any size and any type from a small pumping system for individuals up to a water supply for several villages. Solar PV systems are the best long term solution with the best cost-performance ratio for agriculture and clean drinking water with purification systems all powered by Solar PV.

10 HP Solar Tube well / Water Pumping  Irrigation  

The energy generated by the Solar System is used directly to pump the water. There are no requirements of batteries or charge controller.

Standard system consists of:

Mainly used for:

  • Drinking Water pumps
  • Agriculture


  • No Fuel Cost / No hassle / almost 0 maintenance
  • No energy storage required / No batteries

Suggested Solar Solution

  • Solar Panels
  • MPPT Pump Inverter
  • Installation of Submersible Pump
    • Low Energy Consumption
    • High Water Discharge
    • More Reliable
    • Cold Motor / Monoblok
    • Low labor and maintenance costs
    • No fuel costs
    • Long Life



15 HP Solar Tube well




To help farmers overcome the energy crisis, this system was introduced by Zarai taryati Bank ZTBL to provide an alternative energy resource.

 Pakistan’s economy depends on agriculture and 70 per cent of the population lives in rural areas. Farmers working hard day and night, investing in crops, and getting loans in the hope of earning enough profits. Unfortunately, the frightening energy crisis has had a profound impact on agriculture as well. Farmers are unable to operate the pipeline wells due to lack of electricity and high diesel prices. The installation of a traditional generator means spending all the money on diesel or gasoline without getting one fils. At this time of disappointment, Pakistan emerged as solar traders as a hope for Pakistani farmers who were making efforts to make both parties meet and were thwarted by critical conditions.