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Canadian Solar Panel

Tier 1 345 W 2000 MM X 992 MM X 35MM

78.7 × 39.10 × 1.38 in
22.5KG (49.6.lbs)

PKR 50
PKR 17,250.00
Qty 1


Astronergy CHSM6612M-370 Silver Mono Solar Panel


Astronergy Solar 1977441 370 W 76.93 × 38.98 × 1.57 in


Canadian Solar 315 watt Module Black MC4 CS3K-315MS - 35mm Frame


Canadian Solar 1930029 315 W 65.9 × 39.1 × 1.38 in


JinkoSolar 395w Silver Mono PERC Solar Panel


JinkoSolar 1524814 395 W 79.06 × 39.45 × 1.57 in




JA Solar 1945508 310 W 65.53 × 39.33 × 1.58 in
$0.81 $250.00


Mission Solar 315 Mono PERC Solar Panel


Tesla 1945515 315 W 65.53 × 39.33 × 1.58 in
$0.79 $250.00


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Solar Panels
Mono Solar

and price, or by wattage, amps, volts, power tolerances, and weight. If you want American-made check out SolarWorld. And be sure to see our solar panels on the pallet.Our best deals come when you buy our complete Home systems. We carry both grid-tie and Solar Hybrid systems.


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Solar panels in Pakistan are ranked in three categories: Mono Crystalline (Single Crystal), Polyester Crystal (Multiple Crystal), or amorphous Silicon. A mono crystalline line indicates a continues and unwanted pattern of silicon that is manufactured with a cell. This method uses very pure silicon to increase the complex development process, and then the individual cells are trapped into WiFi configuring. It was the first method used to manufacture solar cells and is still very important in terms of their performance.

Polycrystalline solar panels Price in Pakistan

The Polycrystalline panels contain crystals in many different sizes and orientations. Polycrystalline solar panel prices in Pakistan 5_10% Cheaper than Mono solar panel prices. This multi-crystalline line panel is usually less expensive and is a bit effective with mono crystal modules, although the difference in the recent performance is very small. Like their mono crystalline, the cells are also cut in the vessels that make the individual cells of the solar panel.

Solar Panel Price in Pakistan

Amorphous solar panels use the non-crystalline, allotropic form of silicon, in which a thin layer of this silicon substrate is applied to the back of a plate of glass. These panels are much cheaper and less energy efficient, yet they are more versatile in how they can be used. For example, amorphous solar panels can be manufactured into long sheets of roofing material. Thin Film solar panels also fall into the amorphous category. This type of cells can be mounted on a flexible backing, making them more suited for mobile applications.

Each of the solar panel types is estimated to last at least twenty-five years. Instead of stopping production completely, electricity production will decline a little, gradually, over decades. The longevity of a solar panel refers to the number of years before the unit starts producing only 80 percent of its original power rating. The industry standard for warranties is 20 to 25 years, although it is not uncommon for panels produce adequate power for over 30 years.

Thin Film

amorphous silicon
Thin film Panel

Amorphous silicon is a silicon non-crystalline shape used for solar cells and thin film transmitters in the LCD display. A solar cell or thin film is used as a semiconductor material for silicon solar cells, which are stored in subtle substances, such as glass, metal, and plastic in thin films. Unusual silicon cells usually faceless efficiency, but these are one of the most environmentally friendly photoelectric technology because they do not use any toxic heavy metals like cadmium or lead.

Solar Panel in Pakistan

There are too many low quality panels suppliers. These brands are cheap and life is too less as compare to top brands solar panels in Pakistan. Those have 4-5 years of life expectancy and after that You will gain experiencing the market. The endorsement of net-metering — which enables top solar panels buyers to offer power they create to the national grid — is a noteworthy leap forward that could goad utilization of energy enable the Pakistan’s Administration to cut power deficiencies over the long haul.

Numerous non-marked and imported solar system in Pakistan possess 70% of the market. These items have generally decreased costs and have all inclusive perceived TUV affirmation which guarantees that their items are globally worthy for wellbeing and quality.

Solar Panels in Pakistan

There are top 10 Solar Panels in Pakistan available for solar system installation.

  • Trina Solar Limited. Trina Solar Limited is based out of the province of Jiangsu in China and it has several branches in the United States, Europe and Asia. …
  • China Sunergy. …
  • DelSolar Co Ltd. …
  • JA Solar. …
  • Motech Solar. …
  • Suntech Power. …
  • Yingli. …
  • Jinko Solar.
  • Canadian Solar
  • Trina Sola
  • Renesola Solar

Top quality PV Modules

Qcells solar
Q cell solar panels in Pakistan

Hanwaha Q-CELLS, Jinko solar, Trina Solar, Yingli, Talesun suitable for better performance , suitable for net metering and longer life.


Solar panel electrical connections are made in series to achieve a desired output voltage  

Solarworld German Solar Panel

In parallel to provide a desired current capability. The conducting wires that take the current off the modules may contain silver, copper or other non-magnetic conductive transition metals. Bypass diodes may be incorporated or used externally, in case of partial module shading, to maximize the output of module sections still illuminated.


Some special solar PV modules include concentrators in which light is focused by lenses or mirrors onto smaller cells. This enables the use of cells with a high cost per unit area (such as gallium arsenide) in a cost-effective way.

Solar Panel Price in Pakistan

Solar Panels Quality Price Per Watt Life Span of Solar Panel
A grade Branded Solar Panel Top 10 50 to 60  20 to 25 years
A Grade China factory made solar Panel 35 to 45 8 to 10 years
Local Made Solar Panel/ Lot Solar panels 20 to 35 1 to 3 years

solar panel made of

Photovoltaic modules (PV modules  / Solar Panels) use light energy (photons) from

Solar Panels
Solar Panels

The Sun to generate electricity through the photovoltaic effect. The majority of modules use wafer-based crystalline silicon cells or thin-film cells. The structural (load carrying) member of a module can either be the top layer or the back layer. Cells must also be protected from mechanical damage and moisture.Most modules are rigid, but semi-flexible ones are available, based on thin-film cells. The cells must be connected electrically in series, one to another. Externally, most of photovoltic modules use MC4 connector type to facilitate easy weatherproof connections to the rest of the system.


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